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Portable Watering system 12V Pressure Switch


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Portable Watering system 12V Pressure Switch

This portable watering system serves a variety of purposes and comes with a built-in pressure switch.

Ideal for cleaning your car or bike, or even using as a shower whilst camping,

cleaning your bait board if fishing or just for simply watering the plants when your mains water source is not available.
There are so many uses for this portable water pump, hose and attachments that we can only list a few.

If you are an avid fisherman, sailor, gardener or cyclist then this lightweight accessory is a must have.

Whenever you are away from home, take it with you.

Self Prime It will suck the air then pump the water
Note: If you use the pump with saltwater please rinse and dry it after use to prolong its life.


Type: portable
Power: 60w high-pressure water pump with build-in pressure switch
Working voltage: dc 12v with cigarette lighter adapter or use a power bank
Inlet water pipe: 1.2m
Outlet water pipe: 8m
Power connector: cigarette lighter
Power cord: 3m (with on/off switch)
Weight: about 1.4kg for the whole set
1 x 60w washing pump
1 x water gun
1 x power cable
1 x water inlet hose: 1.2m
1 x water outlet hose: 8m
1 x water inlet filter x 1
1 x spare parts: quick connector x 1 + fuse x 1 + “o” ring x1


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