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Best Rechargeable Bike Light battery ABS 10,000mAh


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CREE LED Bike Light Replacement Battery Pack

FEATURE of the 10,000mAh
Hard Plastic Case making it water proof shock proof
Strong rubber straps
Easy and quickly clips off and on
Over 500 rechargeable cycle times
No worries that your bicycle light turns off suddenly in the dark.
An external battery pack for your bicycle light
Over Charge Protection
Charge Time 2.5 to 5.5 hours
Type: Li-Ion
Nominal Voltage: 8.4V
Ce fcc certification

4800mAh Battery packs
8800mAh Battery packs
6400mAh Battery packs

Led Lights 1200Lumens, 1800Lumens, 2400Lumens, 3000Lumens, 3600Lumens, 5000Lumens, 6000Lumens

Extension cable Leds 80cm 120cm

Y cables

Do not store batteries under 50% Charged
Please return dead batteries for recycling “äny Brand”

Pickup & drop off Howick Ak


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