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We all know how important it is to be seen well and to see what is in your Path when you are cycling. This is why we sat Rags & Gadgets stock a great range bike lights and accessories. All of the items are available in bulk at discounted prices so you can save money when you shop as well.

Rags & Gadgets now have a good range of CREE LED bike lights including the 1800 lumen bike light, 2400 lumen twin side by side bike light,3000 lumen bike light 3600 lumen triple side by side bike light,5000 lumen bike light, and 6000 lumen bike light. These are all fantastic for all types of biking including road cycling and mountain biking. They are waterproof and have special straps so that you can securely fit them to the bike to stop them slipping around. They are designed to help you to see the road really well and allow you to be seen, so the ultimate in road safety. The lights could also be used on boats or even of the head if you are hiking, to provide you with great light.

Of course, lights need batteries as well and that is why we have a selection of these too. The Rags & Gadgets range of Batteries have the silicone cover and twin Varco straps to help keep them in place. 10,000mAh is a 6 pack and 8800mAh is a 4 pack we no longer stock the 4400mAh battery pack. We also have power chargers so you can get them all charged up ready for your expedition. You may want to get more than one light in case the charge runs out on one or it breaks. It is really important for your safety to have backups. This is why we offer a reduced price if you buy lights in bulk. Not only will you have a backup but you will have lights for your friends and family to use as well, so you can all be safe together. You can also purchase a led headlight which you could use while cycling or while walking. The led flashlight could also be useful for both purposes and could be worth keeping as a backup in case your lights run out or if you are looking for something in the dark. You may need to do a bike repair, find somewhere to stay or just make sure that you are really bright and so this could be great for many different uses.

Check out our range of CREE LED bike lights at Rags & Gadgets and you should be able to find one that is perfectly suited to you and your needs. Even if you do not cycle that much at night it is worth being prepared, just in case you do find that it starts to get dark during your journey as you need to remain safe and make sure that you are seen.